Train travel played a significant role in the industrial revolution pushing the modern world forward, enabling people to move goods and to travel faster than ever before, while photography brought realistic images of the world right into our living rooms. Using both of these technologies that were invented at roughly the same point in our history appears to be a logical way to document my observations of the diverse landscape and human life in the 21st century. Traveling through cities, suburbs, country towns and even industrial sectors by train allows me to be a voyeur of the everyday and capture chance moments of the scenes taking place just outside my window, resulting in an archive that consists of children at play, a lonely figure, labourers at work, schoolyards, playgrounds, bicyclists, motorists, farmlands, junkyards, graffiti, skyscrapers, store facades, backyards and so on. The everyday scene is anything but banal when one pays attention to the small and simple details. These subtleties viewed from an unfamiliar perspective within the moving panorama can be aesthetically pleasing as well as socially significant. Having photographed in parts of China and North America and seeing the obvious differences in scenery and culture, I wonder how visually other countries that I have yet to explore can compare.

Beijing, China.

Shanghai, NingBo, HangZhou & NanJing, China.

Shanghai, China Metro System.

Chicago, Metra Rail System.

Toronto, Go Transit Rail System.

Montreal, STM Rail System.

Beijing, China.

Montreal to Quebec City.

Chicago Metra Rail Tickets.

Toronto GO Transit Rail Pass, Presto.

Montreal to Chicago Train Ticket.

Two Workers, Montreal STM. Inkjet Print. 2011

Onlooker. Amtrak, Schenctady to Chicago. Inkjet Print. 2013

Morning Stroll. Amtrak, Adirondack. Montreal to Manhattan. Inkjet Print. 2012

Playground, Montreal STM. Inkjet Print. 2012

Recess, Chicago Metra Rail. Inkjet Print. 2012

Graffiti, Montreal STM. Inkjet Print. 2011

Man Sitting, Chicago Metra Rail. Inkjet Print. 2012

Rail Crossing, Beijing To Badaling. Inkjet Print. 2011

Dwelling, Beijing to Badaling. Inkjet Print. 2011

Sinopec, Beijing to Badaling. Inkjet. 2011

Bust Corner, Shanghai Metro. Inkjet Print. 2014

Courtyard, Shanghai Metro. Inkjet Print. 2014

Farmhills, Shanghai Metro. Inkjet Print. 2014

Two Cars, Shanghai Metro. Inkjet Print. 2014