Kahnawake is one of the eight territories of the Kanien:keha'ka nation. Located north east to the city of Chateauguay, where I have been living my whole life, Kahnawake has always been physically present in my life but my interest only began when I started working within the borders of the reservation. Up until my first real connection with the people of the community, my understanding of them was influenced by stereotypes and rumors. However today, those preconceptions are breaking down thanks to personal discussions, shared stories and socializing with new friends from Kahnawake. Over the last three summers this project has been an adventure to discover the modern native using documentary-style photography, text and simple discourse. As an outsider, I hope to expand my knowledge on the subject and to communicate it through portraiture and landscape photography.

Satellite Image of Kahnawake. Inkjet Print. 2012

Route 132. Inkjet Print. 2010

Clay Mountains. Inkjet Print. 2011

Powerlines. Inkjet Print. 2011

Travis Robertson and Son Rory Robertson. Inkjet Print. 2012

Text By Travis Robertson. 2012

Billboard. Inkjet Print. 2012

The Seaway. Inkjet Print. 2013

Hogan Gilbert in The Quarry. Inkjet Print. 2013

Kanaieshon Pride Delaronde at The Quarry. Inkjet Print. 2013

John Deer Tractor. Inkjet Print. 2013

Cole Skye, Anonniaa Jacobs Rice & Hogan Gilbert. Inkjet Print. 2013

Trees on Tekakwitha Island. Inkjet Print. 2013

Brooke Rice. Inkjet Print. 2014

Ripple at Flat Rock. Inkjet Print. 2014

Kyle Jackson & Billie-Joe Peterson. Inkjet Print. 2014

Ashley Norton & Son. Inkjet Print. 2014

Feather. Inkjet Print. 2014

Ponytails. Inkjet Print. 2014

Rusted Car. Inkjet Print. 2014

Konwawennenhawi Diabo Paddling In The Seaway. Inkjet Print. 2014